are you ready ?


World is changing because of industry developments. Industry developments affect the whole system and guiding the needs. Because of that it’s necessary to examine the phases of the industry to understand the points.
Industry 1.0: The invention of the steam engine is beginning industry at 1712. Mechanical production systems appeared using water and steam power.
Industry 2.0: This was the time when it was passed into mass production with electrical power.
Industry 3.0: We can also call it as digital revolution. It was the period when first computers were used. This period is automation of production processes.
Industry 4.0: This industrial era brought combined with information technologies and industry activities. Internet of things, the most important thing in this area. This can be summarized as all devices being exchanged data and information.
Now, time is Industry 5.0. Its purpose carries “Super Intelligent Society.” That means perfect cooperation between machines and humans.
We’re preparing our infrastructure for this excellent cooperation. Are you ready?